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sobjxc_param Struct Reference

#include <sobjxc.h>

Collaboration diagram for sobjxc_param:

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Detailed Description

Structure representing an exception or message parameter.

Data Fields

 The next parameter in a parameter list.
const char * type
 The parameter type.
const char * name
 The parameter name.

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

sobjxc_paramnew_sobjxc_param (const char *type, const char *name)
 Create a new parameter object.
void delete_sobjxc_param (struct sobjxc_param *param)
 Delete a parameter object.
int sobjxc_param_write_xml (const struct sobjxc_param *param, FILE *fp, const char *filename)
 Write an XML representation of a parameter object to the specified stream.

Field Documentation

const char* sobjxc_param::name

The parameter name.

struct sobjxc_param* sobjxc_param::next

The next parameter in a parameter list.

const char* sobjxc_param::type

The parameter type.

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