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sobj_refcount Struct Reference

#include <sobject.h>

Detailed Description

Reference counting structure.

A reference counted object is an object with a structure starting with the fields of this structure. The first field is the reference counter (type int) and the second field is the destructor (type void (*)(void *)).

This structure documents the layout of a reference counting header. The definition of this structure will not change.

New instances of reference counted structures (classes) have a reference count of 0.

Data Fields

volatile sobj_refcount_t refcount
 The reference counter.
void(* del )(void *)
 The destructor.

Field Documentation

void(* sobj_refcount::del)(void *) void *   ) 

The destructor.

This function is called when the reference counter is decreased to 0. The function is responsible for de-allocating the storage held by the object (including the object itself).

volatile sobj_refcount_t sobj_refcount::refcount

The reference counter.

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