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sobj Struct Reference
[Simple Objects C API]

#include <sobject_p.h>

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Detailed Description

Simple object instance structure.

Runtime instances (i.e. de-serialized instances) of simple objects are represented as instances of struct sobj. The structure is defined as an incomplete type in the public include file <sobject/#sobject.h>, all fields (except for the referece counting header sobj::refcount and sobj::del) are private to the library implementation.

Data Fields

volatile sobj_refcount_t refcount
 Reference counter.
void(* del )(void *)
unsigned type:4
 The type number.
unsigned class_id:28
 The ID of the class name.
_sobj_u u
 Simple object data field.

Field Documentation

unsigned sobj::class_id

The ID of the class name.

The value 0 indicates no class name.

void(* sobj::del)(void *)


volatile sobj_refcount_t sobj::refcount

Reference counter.

unsigned sobj::type

The type number.

This is the int-value of the enum constants in enum sobj_type. The special value 9 (SOBJ_TYPE_ISTRING) indicates an inline string.

union _sobj_u sobj::u

Simple object data field.

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