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sobjxc.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Common include file of the sobjxc tool.

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Data Structures

struct  sobjxc_table
 Structure representing a message and exception table as read from a message file. More...
struct  sobjxc_param
 Structure representing an exception or message parameter. More...
struct  sobjxc_message
 Structure representing a message. More...
struct  sobjxc_exception
 Structure representing an exception class. More...


 The maximum nesting depth for include files.
#define SOBJXC_C_MAX_TYPE   (1000)
 The maximum number of types (including custom types) for the C backend.


enum  sobjxc_message_type {
 Enumeration of message types. More...


void sobjxc_error (const char *,...)
 Send an error message to the standard error stream.
void sobjxc_verror (const char *, va_list)
 Send an error message to the standard error stream.
void sobjxc_add_include_dir (const char *)
 Add a dictionary to the include path.
int sobjxc_readline (struct sobj_buffer *, int, FILE *, const char *)
 Read an input line from the specified input stream.
sobjsobjxc_normalize_options (struct sobj *)
 Normalize an options object.
void sobjxc_init (const char *)
 Initialize the sobjxc tool.
void sobjxc_deinit (void)
 De-initialize the sobjxc tool.
int sobjxc_c_new_type (struct sobj *, const char *, int)
 Add a user defined custom type to the C backend.

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