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Simple Objects


This is the API documentation of the libsobject C library. A simple object is a representation of typed and structured data. A definition of the simple object representation format can be found in the Specification Document.

The simple object library comes with a complete set of Python bindings.


  1. Download the tarball from
  2. Untar the tarball and change into the source directory named libsobject-X.Y.Z (where X.Y.Z is the version number).
  3. Run the configure script. For a list of supported configuration options, type configure --help. (Building the source in a directory different from the source directory is supported. To do that, change to the build directory and run the configure script from there.)
  4. Run make check. The test suite only takes a few seconds, so there's no point in skipping the tests.
  5. Run make install.

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