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iso8601.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Include file for the ISO 8601:2000 functions.

#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

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Data Structures

struct  iso8601_time
 Structure representing a broken down ISO 8601:2000 time and date. More...

Date Formats

Constants representing the supported date formats.

#define ISO8601_CALENDAR_DATE   (0)
 Constant representing the regular calendar date format.
#define ISO8601_ORDINAL_DATE   (1)
 Constant representing the ordinal date format (i.e. date represented as a day of year number).
#define ISO8601_WEEK_DATE   (2)
 Constant represented the week date format (i.e. calendar week + day of week).


#define ISO8601_YEAR_IMPLIED   (-1)
 Special value for struct iso8601_time::it_year indicating that the year number is implied.
#define ISO8601_MONTH_IMPLIED   (13)
 Special value for struct iso8601_time::it_month indicating that the month number is implied.
#define ISO8601_MDAY_IMPLIED   (32)
 Special value for struct iso8601_time::it_mday indicating that the day of month is implied.
#define ISO8601_WEEK_IMPLIED   (54)
 Special value for struct iso8601_time::it_week indicating that the calendar week number is implied.
#define ISO8601_WDAY_IMPLIED   (8)
 Special value for struct iso8601_time::it_wday indicating that the day of week is implied.
#define ISO8601_YDAY_IMPLIED   (367)
 Special value for struct iso8601_time::it_yday indicating that the day of the year is implied.
#define ISO8601_TZ_LOCALTIME   (-24)
 Special value for struct iso8601_time::it_tz indicating that date is a local time date (i.e. no timezone information is included).


long iso8601_timezone (void)
 Get the local timezone offset.

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