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sobject File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
dict.h [code]Public include file for simple object dictionaries
envutil.h [code]Utility functions for implementing environments and class environments in C
exc.h [code]Public include file of the exceptions and messages module
iso8601.cISO 8601:2000 functions
iso8601.h [code]Include file for the ISO 8601:2000 functions
list.h [code]Public include file for simple object lists
py.h [code]Include file for Python extension modules using the Python sobject extension
sobj.cSimple object main implementation file
sobj_addr.cAddress resolution helper functions
sobj_bin.cImplementation file for binary serialization and de-serialization
sobj_buffer.cImplementation of the methods of struct sobj_buffer
sobj_build.cFunctions for building a simple object
sobj_ccode.cC code serialization
sobj_char.cHelper functions for character handling
sobj_cvt.cSimple object conversion methods
sobj_debug.cDebugging functions for internal use by the the simple objects library
sobj_dict.cFast simple object dictionaries
sobj_env.cSimple object environments and environment classes
sobj_envutil.cUtility functions for implementing environments and class environments in C
sobj_exc.cException and message support functions
sobj_find.cSimple object sub-object finding and substitution methods
sobj_fl.cFreelist of instances of struct sobj
sobj_list.cSimple lists of simple objects
sobj_mod.cObject modification functions
sobj_msg_p.h [code]
sobj_op.cInformation tables and access functions for expression types
sobj_pexpr.cParser for the text serialization of expression objects
sobj_scanf.cFunctions for analyzing a simple object
sobj_ser.cSerialization and deserialization functions
sobj_stdenv.cImplementation of the standard environment
sobj_test.cFile implementing the type and class testing functions sobj_is_*()
sobj_text.cText serialization and de-serialization
sobj_uc.cUNICODE string support functions
sobj_ucx.cFunctions for handling extended UNICODE strings (UCX strings)
sobject.h [code]Public include file for the simple object library
sobject_p.h [code]Private implementation include file for the simple objects library
sobjtool.cImplementation of a simple object command line tool
sobjxc.cImplementation of the definition file parser and data structures of the sobjxc tool
sobjxc.h [code]Common include file of the sobjxc tool
sobjxc_c.cC output of the sobjxc tool
sobjxc_main.cMain implementation file of the sobjxc SObject exception and message compiler
sobjxc_xml.cXML I/O implementation file of the sobjxc tool
unicode.h [code]Public include file for the UNICODE utilities module
version.h [code]Public include file providing the library version number through the macro SOBJ_VERSION

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