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sobject Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_sobj_uUnion of simple object data fields
iso8601_timeStructure representing a broken down ISO 8601:2000 time and date
sobjSimple object instance structure
sobj_arrayStructure representing an array object
sobj_binaryStructure representing a binary simple object
sobj_bufferStructure representing a variable byte array
sobj_build_envHelper object for the environment used to build an object
sobj_class_name_to_idElement mapping a class ID to a class name
sobj_dictSimple object dictionary
sobj_dict_elementElement of a simple object dictionary
sobj_envA simple object environment
sobj_env_classA simple object environment class
sobj_env_class_privatePrivate structure derived from sobj_env_class
sobj_env_privatePrivate structure derived from sobj_env
sobj_envutil_methodA formal method name and signature associated with a callback handling the method call
sobj_exprStructure representing an expression object
sobj_find_listerHelper structure for finding all sub-objects of an object matching a specified set of criteria
sobj_fl_blockA freelist block of simple object instances
sobj_fl_elementA freelist element
sobj_listSimple object list
sobj_list_elementElement of a simple object list
sobj_op_specOperator specification
sobj_pexprExpression parser object
sobj_pexpr_eltAn element of the parser expression stack
sobj_refcountReference counting structure
sobj_scan_inputStructure representing an input source for a scanning operation
sobj_scanconvStructure representing a conversion escape
sobj_scanconv_arrayStructure representing an array conversion specifier
sobj_scanconv_fieldStructure representing a field specifier
sobj_test__typespecHelper structure for sobj_test()
sobj_vrefStructure representing a variable referece object
sobjxc_c_typeStructure representing a parameter type supported by the C backend
sobjxc_exceptionStructure representing an exception class
sobjxc_messageStructure representing a message
sobjxc_paramStructure representing an exception or message parameter
sobjxc_tableStructure representing a message and exception table as read from a message file

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