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This section describes the installation of P18 from the source code tarball. The filename of the source tarball is p18-version.tar.gz where version is the package version number stating the major, minor, and patchlevel version numbers. This document describes the installation of P18 version 0.1.2.


To build P18 from the source, you'll need James Clark's Expat library. P18 was tested with Expat version 1.95.1 and will probably work with this or any later version (earlier versions may or may not work, I don't know).


After obtaining the tarball, unpack it using the following command:
   gunzip -c p18-0.1.2.tar.gz |tar xf -

If you are using GNU tar, you may also type

   tar xzf p18-0.1.2.tar.gz

The P18 source is unpacked to the subdirectory p18-0.1.2 relative to the working directory of the tar command.

Building P18

P18 uses GNU Autoconf for generating the famous configure script. Generic installation instructions for Autoconf generated configure scripts can be found in the file INSTALL in the P18 source directory.

This section describes the procedure of building P18 in the source directory. It is also possible to use a different build directory, if your make utility supports VPATH (most up-to-data make utilities do), see the instructions in the file INSTALL for details.

First of all, change to the P18 source directory.

Now the P18 source has to be configured for your system. This is done by the configure script. Just call the configure script and watch it work.


The default installation prefix assumed by the configure script is /usr/local. You may want to specify an alternate installation prefix by using the configure option --prefix, example:

   ./configure --prefix=$HOME/toolz
The configure script will output a list of all available options when called with the option --help.

If the configure finished without an error message, just type

and watch the show.

Installing P18

After building the P18 executable, you can install it with
   make install

If writing to the installation directory requires special privileges, make sure you have the necessary privileges (i.e. installing to /usr/local typically requires root privileges).

If and where you wish to install the HTML documentation is up to you. The compiled HTML documentation resides in the directory doc/html relative to the P18 source directory. Note that calling make install will not install the documentation.

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